The Driving Phobia Cure program


You’re in the right place because driving phobia is one of the most common phobias we treat in our clinics. So although it might feel like you are alone, you are not and this can be changed.

What it is

The Driving Phobia Cure program * is a direct therapy program whose purpose and expectation is to eliminate the fear of driving. It’s an intensive, positive and effective treatment delivered by UK experts in the field. The program is fast, gentle and without the scare tactics and exposure used by the older and less effective driving phobia treatments. And it can require just two pleasant treatment sessions at one of our private clinics to be free of your driving phobia. So that in future you can drive in calm and comfort like you most probably used to. Driving can just become second nature again.

The program is very effective but, as with all psychological interventions, there is no guarantee of a permanent cure in all cases.

The program includes:

Free initial telephone consultation: We will talk briefly and in complete confidence about your fear of driving and how it affects you. This consultation is free and without obligation – only at the end of it do you decide you want to join the program. Many clients have reported significant changes before they come and see us, just from having this brief consultation with a therapist who understands their fear of driving.

The sessions: Two direct one-to-one sessions of 1½ hours each with one of our therapists in our private clinics. Ideally the sessions are spaced a week apart so that you can test things out and notice the changes between the sessions. In the sessions we will talk about your driving phobia, your responses, your experiences and how you want to be in future. We explain the psychology of driving phobias: how they start, are maintained and ended.  Then we use a range of advanced tools – including a specially adapted version of The Rewind Technique – to de-condition the patterns that drove your phobia and install the calm patterns you need to drive comfortably again. It’s quick, comfortable and a lot of people actually enjoy the process.

Very occasionally more than two sessions may be required.

After the sessions: You will be given a range of resources and tools to support the changes. Telephone and email support is also available (although rarely required).

The program is also now available online over Skype.

What it isn’t

This program is not for driving test nerves or for unskilled drivers. No, it’s for qualified drivers who have the skills, competence and experience necessary to drive but who are now experiencing debilitating white-knuckle fear when driving. So it doesn’t involve extra driving lessons. Or power-breathing or New Age woo-woo. This is a professional program based on current brain science and the best therapeutic tools.

How it works

You already know that your driving phobia doesn’t make sense. That you are a good competent driver. That nothing else has changed out there. But as you have found out, all the logic and reason and whatever you have told yourself – or others have told you – hasn’t changed it. So we don’t bother with all logic and reason. You know that doesn’t work. Instead we work with the unconscious mind that creates and drives phobias.

At the core of the program is a remarkable tool called The Rewind Technique which has been specially adapted for driving phobias. It works by changing the underlying subconscious patterns that have maintained the phobia. Once these phobic patterns are de-conditioned the phobia won’t work anymore. The program then installs calm patterns for the future so that you can drive how you want to drive.

What it costs

The two session clinic program is £250 a session, so £500 in total. The two session online Skype program is £200 a session, so £400 in total. We ask you to pay for each session as you come in. Each session is 1½ hours but you should allow 2 hours in case of overrun.

What to do next

If you are reading this and think this is what you have been looking for and you are serious about getting help then take the next step and call us now on 0800 302 9452  to speak to a specialist about your driving phobia and how we can help you.

The purpose and expectation of the program is to eliminate driving fears and phobias. However, as with all psychological interventions, there is no guarantee of a permanent cure in all cases.